29th September – 6th October 2019

Share the Journey
Global Week of Action

Join Caritas to reach out to migrants and refugees
around the world through different art forms.

Share the Journey and Share your Art and Activism!

When your Caritas group has staged its creative event, share it with us. Tell us how you engaged creatively with migrants, refugees and the wider community and show off your art.

There’s a How-To Guide if you need some help and inspiration deciding what to do.

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Share the Journey has created tools to make your campaign advocacy
even more creative for the Global Week of Action 2019.


Use these posters to spread the word about the Global Week of Action.


Logos and graphics to help with your event.

Social Media Pack

All the assets you’ll need to post content about the Global Week of Action on social media.

Info pack

Additional information and literature about the Global Week of Action.

Get artistic and creative with your campaigning – show your support for migrants and refugees

Humans have always been on the move. And they’ve always been creative. Painting, music, drama, writing and more. The arts bring us together and open our hearts and minds. Creativity makes us human.

Caritas is harnessing creative energy to promote Pope Francis’ “culture of encounter”, building stronger communities and relationships between migrants, refugees and their hosts.

Advocating with art refutes myths and misunderstandings and makes us ask the question – who are we to each other?

Caritas groups in over 160 countries worldwide will host artistic events and activities for the Global Week of Action 2019. A Global Wave of Action will then continue for the next 2 years.

The Pope adding to photo montage

What actions can you take?

Go where your creative energy flows! The Global Week of Action 2019 is all about the power of artistic creativity – so let your imagination run free and enjoy yourselves as your event brings positive attention to migration.

Collage of Nasrin

Use Caritas’ Power of Art Collage to campaign!

The thousands of faces in Caritas’ collage are those of migrants, refugees, Caritas staff and supporters, of ordinary people from all over the world. Together as a real-life giant collage, the faces form the image of a woman named Nasrin. She works with Caritas Bangladesh, caring for Rohingya children in the refugee camps they call home.

There’s a digital version of the collage – you can paste in faces which mean something special as part of an artistic action or event.


What is the Share the Journey campaign trying to achieve?

Share the Journey was launched by Pope Francis in September 2017. It’s a campaign by Caritas to promote his “culture of encounter” between migrants and refugees and established communities, strengthening them, confronting prejudice and recognising our common humanity.

What is the Global Week of Action 2019?

The Global Week of Action is the annual highpoint of the campaign, when Caritas groups and supporters carry out special actions and events. These are intended to bring new and old members of communities together, to break down barriers and to enjoy each other’s company. In 2019, the GWA has the theme of activism through all forms of creative arts – asking the question “Who are we to each other?”

When is the Global Week of Action 2019?

This year, the GWA runs from 29th September to 6th October. Many events are likely to be held on Sunday 29th itself – the new date for the Catholic Church’s World Day of Migrants and Refugees. 2019 is the 105th year that this day has been marked.

Where does it take place?

Caritas member organisations and supporter groups in many of the more than 160 countries where it operates will be staging events and activism. You can check with your national Caritas organisation – go to www.caritas.org to find their contact details.

Who can take part?

Caritas continues to pledge to put migrants, refugees and the communities they have moved to and from at the heart of its Share the Journey campaign. Their voices are at the heart of Caritas’ work. But we welcome everyone who wants to understand and support people on the move and the building of stronger communities.

Can I participate?

There are national Caritas organisations in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East and North Africa, North America and Oceania. Contact them or Caritas in your local diocese and they will welcome you to the actions they are hosting.

Are there any resources to help me take part in the Global Week of Action?

Yes, there are! Download our How-To Guide and check out the Share the Journey Global Week of Action Toolkit. The Toolkit has resources such as social media flyers, email banners and posters for you to use.

I’m not sure I can organise or join an event – is there something else I can do to support the Global Week of Action?

Yes, there is! Download the fantastic image of the Caritas collage of faces and post and share it.