Reach out: Show your
support for migrants

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Here’s how to get involved

Did you know that if 20 million people reached out to join hands they would encircle our world?
Join hands with Caritas and Pope Francis to reach out around the world in support of migrants everywhere.

Show your support and understanding of migration’s challenges with a “Reach Out” photo. Simply post it on social media with the #sharejourney hashtag. Our video will show you how the Reach Out gesture should look.

If you can, take your Reach Out photo at a border, a port, airport or at a Caritas project. A Reach Out photo in front of a national landmark or where your elected representatives sit will remind your government of its responsibility to protect migrants and refugees.

Suggested text to use:
I reach out to show my support for migrants from around the world. journey.caritas.org #sharejourney #reachout


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Reach out: Show your support for migrants

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